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Dr. Susan C. Hines | | 858.731.7415

Professional Objective: Above all else, work must be meaningful and interesting. I remain in the higher education sector because work has never failed to deliver in these two areas. My administrative interests include libraries, academic support units, curriculum development, course design, instructional technologies, and faculty development. 


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Ph.D. | English Literature
Georgia State University | Atlanta, Georgia | 1990 – 1998
Interests included (and continue to include) the history and theory of hypermedia, new media, e-learning, autobiography, long poems, and science fiction. Dissertation: On Going Hyper: An English Professor’s Introduction to Hypermedia and the World Wide Web, directed by Dr. George Pullman. Comprehensive written and oral exams taken in Victorian Literature (area of specialty), American Realism and Naturalism (contiguous area), and Renaissance Drama (distant area).

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M.A. | English Literature
University of British Columbia | Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | 1987 – 1989

Thesis: “A Trial Reading of Robert Browning’s The Ring and the Book,” directed by Dr. Michael Goldberg

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B.A. | English Literature
University of Alaska | Fairbanks, Alaska | 1983 – 1987
Major: English Literature; Minor: Justice/Legal Studies


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Post-Master’s Certificate | Digital Curation
San José State University | San José, California | 2019 – present
15-credit program at SJSU focuses on strategies, techniques, and tools for preserving and curating digital content. Expected completion: Fall 2020.

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Private Pilot’s Certificate
Delta State University | Cleveland, Mississippi | 2007 – 2008
Obtained certificate through DSU’s 12-credit commercial aviation program.

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Graduate Certificate | IT Management
Capella University | Minneapolis, Minnesota | 2005 – 2006
16-credit program included course work in strategic planning, system delivery, project management, budgeting, and the direction of information technology professionals.

Conferences, Courses, Continued Education

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Completed, Creative Commons Certificate for Librarians. Online, September 2019 Cohort. 9/23-12/6

Attended, Puente Administrators Meeting. Puente. Riverside, CA 3/21

Completed, Great Deans Program. ACCCA. Palm Springs, CA 2/12-13

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Attended, Council of Chief Librarians Board Retreat. San Diego, CA 7/16-18

Attended, ACCCA’s Great Dean’s Program. Sacramento, CA. 7/12-13

Attended, Council of Chief Librarians Annual Deans & Directors Meeting. Sacramento, CA. 3/8-9

Hosted, OER Workshop for ZTC Grantees. San José City College. San José, CA. 2/23

Hosted, Council of Chief Librarians Regional Meeting. San José City College. San José, CA. 2/23

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Presented, Annual DET/CHE Conference. Costa Mesa, CA. 11/28-12/1

Presented, 2017 OER Summit for ZTC Degrees. College of the Canyons. Santa Clarita, CA. 9/8

Attended, Deans’ Academy. San José-Evergreen District. San José, CA. 7/31-8/3

Attended, Council of Chief Librarians Board Retreat. San Diego, CA. 7/17-18

Attended, Council of Chief Librarians Annual Deans and Directors Meeting. Sacramento, CA. 3/23-24

Attended, Online Learning Consortium – OCL Collaborate Meeting. San Francisco, CA. 2/16

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Attended, Deans’ Academy. San José-Evergreen District. San José, CA. 8/1-4

Presented, Appalachian College Association’s Annual Teaching & Learning Institute. Hickory, NC. 6/6-10

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Attended, WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies Annual Meeting. Denver, CO. 11/11-13

Presented, Society for College and University Planning, North Central Symposium. Des Moines, IA. 4/29

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Attended, Open Education Conference 2014. Washington, DC. 11/19-21

Presented, New Media Consortium Conference. Portland, OR. 6/17-19

Completed, “Learn to Make CAD-Free 3D Print Files” (half-day seminar). NMC Conference. Portland, OR. 6/17

Attended, Open-Ed Leadership Summit. Portland, OR. 6/4-6

[maxbutton name=”2013″]

Presented, Sloan-C 19th International Conference on Online Learning. Orlando, FL. 11/20-22

Attended, Open Education Conference 2013. Park City, UT. 11/6-8

Presented, Western Association of Schools and Colleges ARC Conference. San Diego, CA. 4/10-12

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Attended, Association of Private Sector Colleges and University Conference. Las Vegas, NV. 6/20-22

Completed, “Introduction to Statistics.” Udacity MOOC. Online. 6/12-8/12

Completed, “QM Peer Reviewer.” Quality Matters Certification. Online. 1/9-27

Presented, 6th International Conference on Design Principles and Practice. Los Angeles, CA. 1/20-22

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Completed, “Applying the Rubric.” Quality Matters Certification. Online. 12/1-15

Attended, WASC Program Review Workshop. Long Beach, CA. 11/10-12

Attended, Blackboard World Conference. Las Vegas, NV. 7/12-15

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Attended, Educause Annual Conference. Anaheim, CA. 10/12-15

Presented, SunGard Summit. San Francisco, CA. 4/11-14

Presented, Creating Futures Through Technology Annual Conference. Biloxi, MS. 3/3-5

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Completed, “Fixed-Base Operations.” Grad-level aviation course. Delta State University. Cleveland, MS. 8/09-12/09

Presented, Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education International Conference. Fredericton, NB, Canada. 6/16-19

[maxbutton name=”2008″]

Presented, Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education 20th Annual Conference. Phoenix, AZ. 11/5-8

Presented, Creating Futures Through Technology Annual Conference. Biloxi, MS. 2/6-8

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Attended, Sloan-C Workshop on Blended Learning. Bloomingdale, IL. 6/3-5

[maxbutton name=”2006″]

Presented, Impact 2006. WebCT’s 8th Annual Users Conference. Chicago, IL. 7/10-14

[maxbutton name=”2005″]

Attended, “Increasing Success for Under-served Students: Redesigning Introductory Courses.” Center for Academic Transformation. Orlando, FL. 1/28

[maxbutton name=”2004″]

Attended, New Media Consortium Conference. Vancouver, BC, Canada. 6/16-19

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Attendance, WCET 15th Annual Conference.”Tides, Shoals, and Harbors: Charting the Voyage for eLearning in Higher Education.” San Diego, CA. 11/2-5

Completed, “eLearning Issues in Developing and Implementing” (2-day seminar). Academic Impressions. Cambridge, MA. 3/26-27

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Presented, Educause Annual Conference. Atlanta, GA. 10/2

[maxbutton name=”2001″]

Completed, “TopClass 5.0 Course and System Administration” (2.5-day seminar). WBT Systems. Waltham, MA. 7/12-14

Presented, World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications. Tampere, Finland. 6/25-30

[maxbutton name=”2000″]

Presented, Syllabus 2000 Conference. Santa Clara, CA. 7/22-28

Completed, “Authoring and Delivering Courses with TopClass” (2-day workshop). WBT Systems. Waltham, MA. 7/6-7

Completed, “Interactive Multimedia.” Grad-level design courseUniversity of Baltimore. Baltimore, MD. 1/00-5/00

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Presented, Syllabus 1999 Conference. Santa Clara, CA. 7/24-30

Completed, “Authoring for the Web Using Richlink Author and Database Technology.” (1-day workshop). Syllabus99. Santa Clara, CA. 7/5

Completed, “Dreamweaver and Fireworks” (1-day workshop). University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA. 5/12

Presented, 5th Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching. Athens, GA. 4/12-14

Completed, “Adding Life to the Web” (1-day workshop). Macromedia. Washington, DC. 2/5

[maxbutton name=”1998″]

Attended, Higher Education and the Law Conference. University of Georgia. Athens, GA. 7/2

[maxbutton name=”1997″]

Completed, “Internet Information Server 3.0 and Index Server 1.1” (1-day workshop). Mastering Computers. Atlanta, GA. 12/8

Completed, “World Wide Web Programming with PageMill” (2-day workshop). PrimeSource Corporation. Atlanta, GA. 9/10-11

Presented, World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications. Calgary, AB, Canada. 6/14-19

Completed, “Computing and Instruction in Higher Education” (3-day course). NSF-Chautauqua at Harvard University. Cambridge, MA. 6/3-6

Presented, 3rd Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching. Athens, GA. 5/22-24

Completed, Governor’s Teaching Fellows (Intermittent Study). University of Georgia. Athens, GA . 10/96-5/97
The Fellows Program consisted of six 3-day symposia on higher education and instructional technologies.

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Completed, “Authorware Basic Training”(1-day workshop). OIIT at University of Georgia. Macon, GA. 10/2

Attended, 25th Anniversary University of Georgia Computing Conference at Rock Eagle. Madison, GA. 10/15

Completed, “The Eastern European Revolutions and Their Aftermath” (3-day course). NSF-Chautauqua at Temple University. Philadelphia, PA. 6/12-15

Completed, “Offering Information Via the World Wide Web” (3-day seminar). NSF-Chautauqua at University of Texas. Austin, TX . 6/4-6

Completed, “Distance Learning 102” (1-day workshop). OIIT at University of Georgia. Athens, GA. 6/1

[maxbutton name=”1995″]

Completed, “Creating World Wide Web Pages” (1-day workshop). OIIT at University of Georgia. Athens, GA. 10/10

Presented, 4th Annual Commonwealth and Postcolonial Studies Conference. Statesboro, GA. 4/13-15

[maxbutton name=”1994″]

Attended, Black and White Perspectives on the American South Conference. University of Georgia. Athens, GA. 9/9

Completed, “Grant Writing for Graduate Students.” Foundation Center. Atlanta, GA. 9/1

Attended, First Person Singular: Autobiography Past Present Future Conference. Hofstra University. Long Island, NY. 3/7-8

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Presented, Canadian Comparative Literature Conference. Vancouver, BC, Canada. 3/9-10

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Presented, Robert Browning Centennial Symposium. Waco, TX. 9/20-22