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Dr. Susan C. Hines | | 858.731.7415

Professional Objective: Above all else, work must be meaningful and interesting. I remain in the higher education sector because work has never failed to deliver in these two areas. My administrative interests include libraries, academic support units, curriculum development, course design, instructional technologies, and faculty development. 

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Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative Grant
Awarded $20,000 to revise college websites and provide SharePoint training at San José City College.

[maxbutton name=”2018″]

Embedded Tutoring Pilot Award
Awarded $10,000 to pilot an embedded tutoring program in the Learning Resources Center at San José City College.

[maxbutton name=”2016″]

Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree Implementation Award
Awarded a $150,000 grant from the state of California to develop a fully online zero-textbook-cost transfer degree at San José City College.

[maxbutton name=”2014″]

NMC Idea Lab Award
Recognition (with E. Ledbetter and C. Fullerton) for innovative open-education resources (OER) instructional design process developed at Chadron State College.

[maxbutton name=”2012″]

Teaching with Sakai Innovation Award
Recognition (with D. O’Hare) for a course offered at Chadron State College: a Composition I, a fully online course that leverages open-education resources (OER).

[maxbutton name=”2011″]

Company GEM Award (Sapphire)
$1,500 award for excellence in on-side performance from SunGard Higher Education.

[maxbutton name=”2007″]

Chadron State College Contract
Nebraska state contract awarded to develop orientation program for new faculty.

[maxbutton name=”2006″]

Alaska e-Learning Consulting Contract
Contract awarded by the University of Alaska Anchorage to develop a hybrid EMT program based in Palmer, Alaska.

[maxbutton name=”2001″]

Directory of American Scholars
Biographical entry.

[maxbutton name=”1999″]

Who’s Who in the American Southeast and Southwest
Biographical entry: 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995.

[maxbutton name=”1998″]

GAMES Faculty Member of the Year
Acknowledgment for outstanding teaching in the Georgia Academy for Math, Engineering and Science Program at Middle Georgia College.

[maxbutton name=”1997″]

Board of Regents Campus Priority Grant
$3,000 grant for web development proposal: “More Hyper Activity for MGC Students and Instructors.”

[maxbutton name=”1996″]

Board of Regents Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning
Acknowledgment for outstanding teaching and service, 1996-1997.

Governor’s Teaching Fellow
Intermittent study in higher education and in instructional technologies at the University of Georgia, 1996-1997.

Middle Georgia College Course Development Grant
$3,000 grant for course development: “Technical Writing in Cyberspace.”

Middle Georgia College Alumni Association Faculty Award
Acknowledgment for outstanding teaching and service, 1995-1996.

Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical Systems (GSAMS)
$5,000 academic programming grant for “Developing GSAMS/Distance Learning Courses with Hypermedia.”

[maxbutton name=”1995″]

Georgia Humanities Council Conference Grant
$10,000 grant for week-long festival: “Facing South: A Festival of Southern Life and Culture.”

Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games’ 
Cultural Olympiad Regional Designation Award in the Humanities
$10,000 grant for week-long festival: “Facing South: A Festival of Southern Life and Culture.”

[maxbutton name=”1994″]

Soros Foundations Mailing Costs Grant
$300 grant for English Language Library Development Project, Lithuania.

[maxbutton name=”1993″]

Honorable Mention in the Category of Script
1993 Writers Digest Magazine Writing Competition.

[maxbutton name=”1991″]

Soros Foundations Teaching Fellow
George Soros and Charter 77 Foundations, New York and Prague.

[maxbutton name=”1987″]

E.L. Bartlett Literary Criticism Award
University of Alaska, Fairbanks.