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Professional Objective: Above all else, work must be meaningful and interesting. I remain in the higher education sector because work has never failed to deliver in these two areas. My administrative interests include libraries, academic support units, curriculum development, course design, instructional technologies, and faculty development. 

Travel PhotosI was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 6, 1965—the year Theodor Nelson coined the term hypertext and the date Internet godfather Vannevar Bush revealed his Manhattan Project to Hiroshima and the world. I was unaware of these historical tidbits until I got interested in hypermedia in the mid 1990s, but my knowledge of them now makes for a good excuse when my scholarly interests keep me up at night.

For several decades, I’ve been fascinated by the Internet and its many offshoots–distance education, new media, virtual reality–and have found ways to commingle these interests with another long-time passion: English literature and its many genres–autobiography, postmodern theory, poetry, and science fiction (the dissertation tells all). That my office is currently housed in a college library and my day-to-day involves the management of instructional and informational computer systems–from ERIC databases to WordPress websites–feels a bit like destiny.

More a creature of context than habit, my hobbies have always had as much to do with where I live as they do with how I’m wired. I was crazy for scuba diving when I lived in Savannah, Georgia. However, when I moved to Northeastern Pennsylvania, I developed a taste for heights and started flying lessons in the summer of 2006. The desire to fly was what motivated me to transfer to a new client site a year later–to a university in Mississippi with a commercial aviation program and got my pilot’s license. During my two years in San Diego, I wandered; weekends in Mexico prompted Spanish lessons, and a need to see all of Southern California turned me into an avid hiker.

I hiked as avidly when I moved to Nebraska in 2013, and after an exotic trek through Patagonia’s Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine, I started a hike-themed club. The western High Plains gave me access to a wilderness that was as uniquely beautiful as Southern Chile or Southern California. For a little over two years I was back and forth between the Black Hills and the Badlands until I decided to return to California. In 2016 I opted for the San Francisco Bay Area, which is yet another hiker’s wonderland. Every now and then, I have a Wordsworthian moment: “Beneath some rock, listening to notes that are / The ghostly language of the ancient earth.”

  • Association of California Community College Administrators
  • Council of Chief Librarians
  • eLearning Guild
  • Georgia State Alumni Association
  • Open Education Consortium
  • Sierra Club
  • Society for Technical Communication
  • Southern Poverty Law Center
  • University of Alaska Alumni Association